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Just Film Package

Josey Wenger will film your day with the highest level of quality. Minimal shakes and mistakes. Your day will be captured naturally and beautifully. Editing is not included. The end result is as least one hour of excellent wedding footage on a brand new flash drive. You will have your wedding footage handed to you before your wedding day is over!

Package includes 1 Cinematographer, 8 Hours Filming, and all the Wedding Footage on a new Flash Drive.

This package contains:

  • (1) Camera Operator
  • (8) Filming Hours
  • (1) Flash Drive

Documentary Film Package

With this package, you will receive a one hour video of every significant moment from your wedding day. The Documentary Film includes the bridal party getting ready for the day, coverage of photo shoots, the wedding ceremony, speeches, formal dances, cake cutting, and everyone having fun on the dance floor. 

Package includes 2 Camera Operators, 10 Filming Hours, Complete Ceremony, Complete Speeches, Complete Formal Dances, and 30 minutes of Edited Footage on a new Flash Drive.

This package contains:

  • (2) Camera Operators
  • (10) Filming Hours
  • (1) Edited Wedding Footage
  • (1) Complete Ceremony
  • (1) Speeches
  • (1) Formal Dances
  • (1) Flash Drive

Wedding Film Package

Celebrate every anniversary by watching this cinematic Wedding Film with your spouse. Our Wedding Films include everything you could want in a wedding video; bits of the both of you getting ready, clips from the ceremony, all of your friends and family enjoying the day, and the best moments from your reception. You and your future generations will love reliving your wedding day for years to come.

Package includes 2 Camera Operators, 10 Filming Hours, and a 12-15 Minute Wedding Film on a new Flash Drive.

This package contains:

  • (2) Camera Operators
  • (10) Filming Hours
  • (1) 12-15min Wedding Film
  • (1) Flash Drive

Choose Add Ons


Purchase additional DVDs for your friends and family.

Filming Hours

Select as many additional hours of coverage as you need.


Purchase Blu-ray disks for high resolution and more durability.

Wedding Trailer

1-2 Minute preview of your wedding day. This will be completed within 14 days after your event.

Flash Drive

We would be happy to upload your videos and wedding footage to a flash drive.

Complete Ceremony

Three cameras and three audio recorders from your ceremony will be combined into a seamless video. You will be able to watch your ceremony from start to finish.

RED Package Upgrade

Have you ever wondered why Hollywood movies look so beautiful? It's because they use the best equipment in the world! Upgrade your video package to a RED Digital Camera and reach the highest level of quality possible. Watch this clip and see the difference:

Wedding Highlights

The Wedding Highlights is a 3-4 minute video of your wedding day. Perfect for sharing with friends and family.