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As I am sure you will agree it is so important that a photographer and their clients are on the same page when it comes to style and approach. So, we have compiled this questionnaire to help you decide if we are the right photography studio for you :) 

You don't need to send us your answers, but it will help you determine if we are the right fit.

  1. What interested you in the Anna Rose style of photography? We hope it is our soft, romantic style and our candid, natural approach.
  2. Have you both discussed what you like in terms of photography? For obvious reasons it's best if you both like the same style of photography as we very much want to cater to *both* of you.
  3. Have you discussed your photography budget? If not, please do discuss with each other. We don't do "hard sell" and it's better if you know a pricing range and agree on it.
  4. What time are you planning to get married? (eg, 1pm ceremonies don’t usually suit this style of photography as we end up with *too* much time Whereas 3-4pm ceremonies suit our style perfectly as events tend to flow naturally)
  5. Do you love candid, relaxed, natural images with touch of romance and whimsy, as much as we do? Our style is reflected in our portfolios. We avoid anything cheesy or overly staged. It's important to us that your preferred style gels with what what you see in our portfolios. 
  6. We work best when our clients trust us as visual artist to produce images that reflect our candid and relaxed style and artistic eye. We don't work to a shot list, preferring to be present in the moment to shoot what is actually happening the majority of the day (except for the family group photos of course). Is this something you are comfortable with?
  7. If you choose to have a videographer also capture your wedding, we ask that you choose one willing to shoot in a candid and unobtrusive way. This is for the simple reason that having two visual artists guiding you on the day works in direct conflict with our style and approach – it’s nothing personal — it’s simply a case of wanting to achieve the best possible candid and natural images in keeping with our style.
  8. As candid photographers it is more important clients connect with the WORK rather than the personality. We are not the sort of photographers who insist upon "getting to know you" before the day. As we prefer to be ignored as events take place around us, it's works well that you pretend we are not there as much as possible :)
  9. On a wedding day we are professional, understated, well-presented and friendly. Remember, we shoot as a silent witness to events the majority of the day. We do guide you at times, but always in a gentle way so as to preserve the “truth” of the moment wherever possible.

Kindest regards,
Jen - Studio Manager

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